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Sl.No  Complaint Cases
1 . C.C. No. 140/2017 filed by Dayaram Sunari decided on 12/01/2021(BS)
2 . C.C. No. 199/2017 filed by Baikunthanath Dakua decided on 12/01/2021(BS)
3 . C.C. No. 296/2017 filed by Puspanjali Sahoo decided on 12/01/2021(BS)
4 . S.A. No. 116/2019 filed by Gopal Krushna Mishra decided on 12/01/2021(BS)
5 . C.C. No. 149/2017 filed by Mahendra Mohanty decided on 11/01/2021(BS)
6 . C.C. No. 657/2017 filed by Padmanabho Padhy decided on 11/01/2021(BS)
7 . C.C. No. 49/2019 filed by Bhramarbar Swain decided on 11/01/2021(BS)
8 . C.C. No. 588/2016 filed by Krishna Chandra Patra decided on 08/01/2021(BS)
9 . C.C. No. 222/2017 filed by Abani Kumar Patel decided on 07/01/2021(CC)
10 . C.C. No. 619/2017 filed by Bholanath Singh decided on 07/01/2021(BS)
11 . C.C. No. 189/2017 filed by Dayaram Sunari decided on 06/01/2021(BS)
12 . C.C. No. 601/2016 filed by Debaraj Naik decided on 05/01/2021(CC)
13 . C.C. No. 10/2020 filed by Ramesh Chandra Panda decided on 05/01/2021(BS)
14 . C.C. No. 381/2017 filed by Ashok Kumar Dutta decided on 04/01/2021(BS)
15 . C.C. No. 01/2020 filed by Pradip Pradhan decided on 04/01/2021(BS)
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